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Sven Chilton

Sven Chilton (Student)
Phone: +1 510 486 7132
Fax: +1 510 486 6900

I joined the ANAG with a background in computational plasma and accelerator physics.  To that end, I am working on my PhD thesis, "A fourth-order adaptive mesh refinement solver for Maxwell's Equations," under Phil Colella.  The code documented in my thesis is based on the fourth-order hyperbolic advance developed by Peter McCorquodale and, for Gauss' Law of Electricity, on the fourth-order projection operators developed by Hans Johansen and Qinghai Zhang.  To my knowledge, this will be the first adaptive, cell-centered, fourth-order Maxwell solver.  We ultimately hope to model the Maxwell-Vlasov system for plasma physics applications using this algorithm, but extending my code to include the Vlasov Equation is beyond the scope of my dissertation.

I have presented work related to my thesis at ICOPS (2009 and 2010) APS DPP (2010) SIAM CSE (2011) and ICIAM (2011).